React Element vs JSX Element vs React Node vs React Component



Even for experienced React developers, the difference between a React/JSX Element, Node and Component can be somewhat elusive at first. So here's a clear breakdown of the terms.

React Element

A React Element is the smallest building block of a React application and is an object representation of a virtual DOM node. The creation of elements are cheap and are done as follows.

// React.createElement(type, [props], [...children])
const element1 = React.createElement(
{ className: "italic" },
"Basic Element"
const element2 = React.createElement(CustomButton, { color: "red" }, null)

The first argument of the createElement method describes the type of the element. It can either be a tag name (such as 'div' or 'span'), a React component or a React fragment. The 2nd argument are the props of the element while the 3rd its children.

In the end, createElement returns a plain JavaScript object that describe a virtual DOM node, which is not to be confused with a regular DOM node. For instance, element1 returns:

* {
* $$typeof: [object Symbol] { ... },
* _owner: null,
* _store: { ... },
* key: null,
* props: {
* children: "Basic Element",
* className: "italic"
* },
* ref: null,
* type: "div"
* }

JSX Element

A JSX Element is really nothing else than syntactic sugar for createElement. The 2 previous examples can be rewritten with JSX, which ultimately results in the same thing, i.e. plain JavaScript objects.

const element = <div className="italic">Basic Element</div>
const element = <CustomButton color="red" />

React Component

A React component is a function that returns one or more React Elements. Nothing more, nothing less.

const Text = ({ children }) => (
<div className="italic">

However, once we "call" this component using JSX syntax, it's actually an Element of type React component.

// Which is the same as React.createElement(Text, null, "Greetings!")

React Node

Lastly, a React Node is a more general term for anything that is returned by a component, which may be more than an Element. React nodes may be:

  • A React element created like <div /> or createElement('div')
  • A portal created with createPortal
  • A string
  • A number
  • true, false, null, or undefined (which are not displayed)
  • An array of other React nodes
const Number = () => <div>Woah! {[1, "world", true]}</div>
// This return statement of `Number` is considered a React node.


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